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October 7 2016

A3P - La Vague N°50 - News Release Special IT Automation - Focus on Biocloud 4.0

Discover the news release from Anne Cassart (Sales Director) published in N°50 of La Vague (A3P) :


"BioCloud 4.0 :A patient-centric global IT solution of the new generation, designed for biotech organizations."

Article by Anne Cassart (Sales Director) and Pierre KAYENBERGH (R&D Director - BiiON)


Don't hesitate to discover others articles written by customers about BiiON and MIRRHIA, the new environmental monitoring system (EMS) to track temperature, hygrometry, pressure, particle counters and many more. This system is centralized, open, qualified and validated 21CFR.


Biocloud 4.0 on page 43:

Download - La Vague N°50

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